Indian Tapas Evenings

Join us on a whirlwind tour of the cuisine of the Indian sub-continent

At various times in the month we open our doors in the evening to host Indian Tapas Nights. Equivalent to a tasting menu, we prepare over a dozen carefully selected flavour-packed dishes, served over several courses, with the opportunity to bring your own drink - always a sellout!

Our Indian Tapas Nights, presented roughly twice a month on Friday evenings, feature around sixteen set dishes presented as a 'tasting menu' - you get a little of everything, which adds up to quite a lot. We therefore advise you only take a light lunch on the day

The first part of the evening is dedicated to 'Indian Street Food', the fare enjoyed by Indians at local markets, on street corners on the way to or from work - dishes you will have heard of like samosas and pakoras, and other lesser known items like vada (south Indian fritters), dosas (pancakes), and gol gappa (watery spheres stuffed with chickpea, potato and spiced water).
The aim is to 'mix and match' the individual items with the various chutneys and sauces provided to taste what takes your fancy!

The second part of the evening is meant to represent 'Indian Home Cooking', food typically enjoyed by Indian families at home in the evening. This usually features a main dish of chicken, lamb or fish, accompanied by two 'sabzi' or vegetable sides, a bread and rice. At Realitea, spice is all about packing in flavour and not heat - although there are ample amounts of raita (yoghurt and cucumber) and water to cool you down if necessary.

After a palate cleansing dessert and tea or coffee, we invite our guests to try mithai or barfi, brightly coloured Indian sweets. Each event is different as Sarita and the team take you across the Indian sub-continent exploring the diverse and varied cuisine of the sub-continent.The exact menu for each event is only decided once preparations are begun, but usually there is enough choice to satisfy everyone - approximately 60-70% of the food is vegetarian.

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While we always welcome children to Realitea, the tapas night event is designed for adults, and adult appetites. Please be aware that there is no discount for places booked for children and they will be charged the full adult rate.

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